So, What is Happening on March 6?

I have been asked that on numerous occasions these past few weeks, so it seemed a fitting time to let everyone know exactly what this step is in my process and what it will look like. On March 6 at 3pm, the Southwest Association (that’s our association) will convene an...
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Christopher’s Ordination Paper

Many of you have asked to see my Ordination Paper prior to my March 6 Ecclesiastical Council, so without further ado…here it is! [pdf-embedder url=””]
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World Aids Day Event at KSC

The UCC in Keene is proud to be co-sponsoring this important event at Keene State College for World Aids Day. Please come!   [pdf-embedder url=””]
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Where Are They Now? -Zach Joyal

One of the honors of being the church is that we get to raise up and support our young people. In baptism, Sunday school, pageants, plays, confirmations classes, and youth Sundays we get to celebrate their growth and their faith. While it is always sad to see them go, we send...
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So, What is Worship?

So, what is worship? Recently the deacons, Pastor Christine and I (and others) have been conversing about worship. In part this conversation springs from the decision the deacons made to suspend the 8 am worship service, but it also has begun as we have begun the process of...
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Youth with special needs and our youth program: a discussion

Greetings Church Family, Recently a suggestion was made that our church community explore the desire for a youth group for youth with special needs and their families. The Youth Ministry Committee has discussed the possibility and would like to invite any parents interested in...
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The “E” Word and Social Media: A Primer

I spoke Sunday morning in my sermon about this church, evangelism & social media like Facebook, and I wanted to follow up on that with a post that may be a little toward the “inside baseball” side of things, but which I believe may be good for us all. Let me...
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One Hundred and Eighty Seven

Recently at my annual review, our personnel committee tasked me with finding ways to reach out to young adults and find ways that UCC Keene might be more relevant in the lives of young adults. As you might expect I am incredibly excited about this prospect, as I do feel that this...
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Announcement 2

Worship  Sundays, 10:00am This weekly worship service at 10:am on Sundays is traditional congregational worship, which includes primarily organ and choir music, congregational hymn-singing, monthly communion on first Sundays, and of course, weekly scripture readings and sermons....
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Mortal, you are dust…

I am about to write something very impolite. You are going to die. I am going to die. We are all going to die. I know this is one of those things we are not supposed to say in polite company. It is depressing…it is morbid…and let’s face it: it is unsettling to hear. But, it is...
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