2015 Deacons’ Goals for The United Church of Christ in Keene

Goal statement

The UCC Keene Diaconate is setting a goal to enhance the worship life of the congregation by collaborating with church staff to create a variety of worship settings and styles that meet the spiritual needs of all members of our congregation and that invite members of the community to experience worship at UCC Keene.


Goal background

As part of our covenantal relationship with the United Church of Christ, we believe that God is Still Speaking and that part of the Still Speaking truth manifests itself in the worship setting. The diaconate believes that the faith journey of the congregation is based fundamentally on a rich worship life. While preserving the traditional worship practices of our church, we strive to create complementary worship that engages individuals, the congregation and creates opportunities for outreach to the community. In this way, we live up to our faith in God and our ministry to individuals, the congregation and the community.


Goal implementation

A rich variety of worship options comes about through a variety of worship styles, music, worship venues and times. In addition to variations in the order of worship, music and times of worship, the physical spaces used for worship and related faith formation must be sufficiently flexible to accommodate variations in worship. In this coming year, we plan to move forward with a proposal to create flexible seating space in the chapel. Our vision for worship settings includes the ability for worship participants to be seated in a variety of formats, such as circles. We envision the ability of youth to configure worship space flexibly as one way to strengthen youth ministry. We envision a flexible contemplative space for individual and small group prayer. We envision a flexible yet sacred space for various faith development groups, such as bible study groups.


About the Author
Mark C. Harris joined our staff in October of 2013. Mark, his wife Angela, and their five children live in Keene. Mark has a background in restaurant and kitchen management, and was a manager at the Keene Applebee’s for eight years. Mark oversees the church’s physical property, the financial aspects of the church, office administration, website and scheduling as well as supervising staff and volunteers.

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