A note from your Deacons

The Deacons have a membership subcommittee and we have been working very hard on the church membership list over the past 2- 3 years. We have gone through the list very diligently (Henry Malone started the process with a printed list where we looked at every name).

We are continuing to do follow-up from that work and recently we have done mailings and phone calls to people we have not seen in a long time asking them if they want to remain on the active list, move to inactive or be taken off the membership rolls.  We discovered that defining “active” members can be very tricky, as there are many active members who contribute time and talent but who do not pledge.

Also we are well aware of “lost members” and we have doubled our efforts to be a more friendly church by the following initiatives: asking folks to wear name tags, handing out visitor’s packets at the front door, asking new visitors to attend coffee hour, following up with a welcome e-mail to visitors who have entered their e-mail addresses in our guest book.

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