Worship Survey Results 2016

Worship Survey Results: 2016 Purpose The UCC Keene Diaconate is working to enhance the worship life of the congregation and is reaching out to the community to assess how well our worship services are meeting the needs of everyone in the church.  In May, we sent out a...
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To all of our UCC Keene Family:  You may recall the Deacons held several “Worship Conversation meetings” earlier in the year, to talk about what worship means to our congregation, and next steps in addressing the worship needs of everyone in our church. At the most...
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UCC Keene Reads

UCC Keene Reads:  Becoming Nicole a story of a family’s transformation by Amy Nutt.  We will be reading this in preparation for a visit on May 22 during and following worship by Debbie Gline Allen (Mary and Frank Gline’s Daughter who grew up in this church) and her...
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A note from your Deacons

The Deacons have a membership subcommittee and we have been working very hard on the church membership list over the past 2- 3 years. We have gone through the list very diligently (Henry Malone started the process with a printed list where we looked at every name). We are...
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Deacon’s Meeting – January 6, 2016

Most of the meeting was devoted to the planning of the January 10th follow-up meeting to the Conversations about Worship meetings that were held in November. Deacons will present a summary report and then lead a discussion on alternative worship formats that will attract families...
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Meeting after Church on January 10th

THE DEACONS are grateful to members and friends for participating in the CONVERSATIONS ABOUT WORSHIP.  On January 10 in the Chapel following our 10 am worship, we will present the summary report of these conversations.  At the meeting we will present and discuss a variety of...
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Deacons DIACONATE (1). Membership The Diaconate will consist of twelve (12) members of the Church elected by the members of the Church. (2). Duties Cooperate with the Minister(s) in promoting the spiritual life of the Church and community. Act upon applications for transfers and...
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