Church Council

Church Council

  2. Membership

The Church Council will consist of nine (9) members of the Church.   Six (6) will be elected by the members of the Church and three (3) will be the Ministry Coordinators. The Ministers, Director of Music, Treasurer and Church Clerk will be members ex officio without vote.


  1. Duties
  2. The Council will be the chief governing body of the Church to which the Ministry Coordinators and Committees are responsible, and will be subject to the direction of and responsible to the members of the Church.
  3. The Council will meet as soon as is practicable following the annual meeting to elect a chairperson from the 6 at-large members.
  4. The Council may delegate duties to Committees and will have the power to establish Committees, Ad hoc Teams and Interest Groups to assist in carrying forward the integrated program for the whole Church.
  5. The Council will receive from the Ministry of Stewardship Resources Coordinator, review and approve, a recommended budget for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Church.
  6. Subject to the prior approval of the Church Membership, the Council will have the power to borrow funds and to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer real property.
  7. The Council will be responsible for the current and future memorial funds and gifts to the Church, will develop and maintain a policy defining the procedures by which such funds and gifts are received, recorded and expended.
  8. The Council will fill vacancies in Officers of the Church and Committees. Persons to be considered to fill vacancies should be recommended by the applicable Committee.
  9. The Council will appoint an Historian who shall serve until the appointment of a successor.

The Historian will keep accurate records of Church events, and supervise the accumulation, preservation, presentation, and display of historic memorabilia.  The Historian will bring significant anniversaries to the attention of the Church.

  1. The Council will make Committee minutes available to the Congregation.
  2. The Council will oversee the Safe Church Policy.
  3. The Council will appoint one of its members to the Delegates.


The Church Council usually meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in Room 202.  Please check the Church Calendar for the current time and place of meetings.


Church Council – Its members derived from the Congregation, the Church Council is the primary governing body of the Church.

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