(1).  Membership

The Finance Committee will consist of four (4) Members elected by members of the Church and the Church Treasurer will be a member ex officio with vote.

(2).  Duties

  1. It will act as the Budget Committee of the Church. It will receive all Committee budget requests and prepare a recommended budget for presentation to the Church Council at a time designated by the Council.
  2. It will act as the Investment Committee and will, in coordination with a professional trust organization to be selected by the Committee, manage all Trust and Investment Funds of the Church. It will prepare an Annual Report to be presented at the Annual Meeting.
  3. It will monitor the church finances including all expenditures and income, keeping the Church Council through its Coordinator apprised of the financial condition of the church. It will have oversight responsibility over Committee ex­penditures.


The Finance Committee usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:30 pm in the Church Administrator’s Office.


Finance Committee – Oversees the finances of the Church including bank accounts, vendors, investments, special funds, and the budgeting process.

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