Mark’s goodbye

I want you all to know how very honored I have been to serve this Body of Christ and facilitate its work these past few years.  I have learned, grown, and found a new calling in the short time I’ve been with you, and you’re mark is upon me indelibly.  I go forward now, called, and also, in part, sent by you to answer that call.

You should know that I would not have contemplated this new calling had you not shown me what it could mean to be Church.  I have been inspired by your acts of courage, love, and charity, and I will carry with me on my journey the memories of all I have watched you do to follow Christ. 

Thank you, Mark C. Harris

About the Author
Mark C. Harris joined our staff in October of 2013. Mark, his wife Angela, and their five children live in Keene. Mark has a background in restaurant and kitchen management, and was a manager at the Keene Applebee’s for eight years. Mark oversees the church’s physical property, the financial aspects of the church, office administration, website and scheduling as well as supervising staff and volunteers.

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