One Hundred and Eighty Seven

Recently at my annual review, our personnel committee tasked me with finding ways to reach out to young adults and find ways that UCC Keene might be more relevant in the lives of young adults. As you might expect I am incredibly excited about this prospect, as I do feel that this church has important ministry to do with all generations.

While I have some ideas for how we might work toward accomplishing this goal, I began by going into our own records to see what names I found. I asked the office to run a report of all of our Confirmands over the past 20 years. The list is incredible. It has 187 names on it. Some of them are the young people who I know, they are youth who are still active in our church, college aged people who are away at schools or still living in our community and people who still pop in to visit when they are in town. The majority however, are names I do not know of people I have never met.

I spent some time looking over this list, overwhelmed to think of all these people for whom UCC Keene was a major part of their formation. I found myself wondering where they are now? Where are they living? What are they doing? Are they married? Having children? Living in exotic places? Living out exciting ministries?

And so, I am reaching out to you all for help in answering those questions. If you were involved in Confirmation or the Youth Program from anytime from 1997 to the present drop me an email. I would love to sit down with you and take a look at this list of 187 names, and wonder together about where life has taken them.


Christopher Cornell

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