Our Church’s Wider Mission Update

This is some of the work done by our UCC denomination with funding from OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission). 

With your help, in 2015 we have worked on a number of issues, but especially on the issue of mass incarceration and criminal justice reform, which you helped us identify as a priority. Here’s what some of that work looked like:

Our General Synod passed two powerful resolutions to guide our work in addressing the New Jim Crow and Mass Incarceration.

UCC advocates sent more than 5200 messages to lawmakers and spent hours making their voices heard on Capitol Hill and in State Houses.

Networks were formed to share knowledge and organize to address criminal justice challenges at the state and federal level.

Together we marched, prayed, and raised awareness about the injustices of mass incarceration.

This has resulted in powerful change!  Thanks to the leadership of our Office of Communications Inc. UCC advocates were a driving force in pushing the Federal Communications Commission to implement new rules regulating rates for phone calls between prisoners and their families.  Legislation has been introduced in Congress to address mandatory minimum sentences and the first wave of people impacted by the updated DOJ sentencing guidelines have been released.  Faithful voices have been essential in advancing our nation’s dialogue about these important issues.  Our work is not yet done and will continue into the New Year.

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