Pastor/Parish Relations

Pastor/Parish Relations


(1).   Membership

  1. This Committee will consist of four (4) members of the Church. The Minister(s) and Council each submit names to the Nominating Committee. All names must be acceptable to both Council and Minister(s). The Nominating Committee then selects names from each list and recommends the slate for election by the congregation at the Annual Meeting.
  2. This Committee will elect its own chairperson from its membership and will schedule its own meetings at least quarterly, and as needed. It is at the discretion of the members to meet separately with any or all of the Ministers or by itself without Ministers present when necessary.
  3. At the calling of a new Ordained Minister two (2) members from the search committee will be appointed as addition members to the PPRC until the first anniversary of the Minister’s call.

(2).    Duties

  1. To provide a place for dialogue and to maintain an open and healthy relationship between Minister(s), and Congregation.
  2. To address the well‑being and growth of the Minister(s), by promoting constructive and caring communication in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.
  3. To serve as advisors for the well-being of the Minister(s).
  4. To support the leadership of the Minister(s).
  1. e. To keep minutes of each meeting, but not share such minutes beyond the Committee.
  2. f. To keep accurate records of its proceedings and make periodic reports of its activities to the Church Council through its Coordinator.


The Pastor/Parish Relations Committee meets privately with the Pastors once a month.  Members are welcome to contact them with concerns or problems.


Pastor/Parish Relations Committee – Works to maintain a healthy relationship between the Pastors of the Church and the Congregation.  Please contact the Church Office to get in touch with them.


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