(1).  Membership

This Committee will consist of four (4) Members elected by the members of the church.

(2).  Duties

  1. It will be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Church Council, Personnel Policies of the Church, except where such provisions are included in the Call or employment agreement of professional staff.
  2. It will assist the Senior Minister in all matters relating to hiring or termination of all staff reporting to the Senior Minister.
  3. It will be responsible for seeing that for each employee there is an up to date job description and an annual performance and salary review.

The Personnel Committee usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm in Room 202.  Please check the Church Calendar for the current time and place of meetings.


Personnel Committee – Oversees the hiring, and management of the paid staff of the church.  Oversees the utilization of over 60% of the annual Church budget to compensate the staff.

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