(1).  Membership

This Committee will consist of four (4) persons elected by the members of the church.

(2).  Duties

  1. Be responsible for the care, custody and maintenance of all real and tangible personal property of the Church and coordinate the same with the Church Administrator. It will recommend to the Finance Committee an annual budget for maintenance and improvement of real and tangible personal property of the Church.
  2. Be responsible for determining the uses of the Church property which are consistent with policies established by the Church Council.
  3. Evaluate the adequacy of the Church Property and Casualty Insurance Program and recommend improvements to the Church Council.
  4. Be responsible for training in emergency and safety plans, drills and equipment.

The Property Committee usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Youth Room.  Please check the Church Calendar for the current time and place of meetings.


Property Committee – Oversees the management, maintenance, and repair of the physical plant of the Church.  Oversees the expenditure of nearly 25% of the annual Church budget, as well as significant Special Funds.

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