Sunday April 3 2016 (Video-2)

Second Sunday of Easter Video 2 contains the rest of the Church Family Choir. The Scripture Reading continues with John 21, followed by Reflection. Invitation to Offering, with the Offertory “Joy in the Morning” The Doxology then Unison Prayer of Dedication. Scripture Reading continue continues with John 21 and followed by Reflection. The Invitation, Communion Prayer, Communion Hymn “As We Gather at Your Table” The Words of Institution, Sharing of the Bread and Cup. Then Communion Anthem “I Have Longed for Thy Saving Health” Ending with Prayer of Thanksgiving.

About the Author
Mark C. Harris joined our staff in October of 2013. Mark, his wife Angela, and their five children live in Keene. Mark has a background in restaurant and kitchen management, and was a manager at the Keene Applebee’s for eight years. Mark oversees the church’s physical property, the financial aspects of the church, office administration, website and scheduling as well as supervising staff and volunteers.

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