The Evangelism Working Group

The Evangelism Working Group

A message from chair Scott Madden

What do you think of when you hear the word “evangelism”? Do you think of people showing up at your front door, holding a Bible and asking if you’ve found Jesus? Do you think of television preachers promising that you, too, can get into Heaven by sending them a monthly check? And do you cringe when you think of such things?

The dictionary defines evangelism as simply the spreading of the Gospel, the Good News. Surely that ought to be a good thing. And surely there ought to be a way to do it without making people cringe. Well, there are things we can do to show more people that there is a God, and a worshipping community, who loves them and cares for them. We broadcast our morning worship services on the radio, so we can reach a bigger audience; we have an active Facebook page to spread the word to social media users; and, from time to time, we host local fun events like the End-of-summer Block Party and the Christmas-time Soup & Santa event, bringing the joy of community (and free food) to people who may be too busy struggling financially to listen to glad spiritual tidings.

All of these things are evangelism, and all of these things are the focus of the Evangelism Working Group. We’re kind of like a committee, but not technically one. We aren’t required to meet regularly at the church like committees are; in fact, most of the time we’re pretty much just an email list, discussing over the internet how we can best maintain and improve this church’s work spreading our Good News. You can be a member of a committee and also be a member of a Working Group, so if a genuine interest in helping people and helping this church has already led you to one of our Committees, let it lead you here too! You can be as active or as inactive as your schedule allows at any given time.

If you’d like to get in on the fun, or have any questions, please send an email to

About the Author
Mark C. Harris joined our staff in October of 2013. Mark, his wife Angela, and their five children live in Keene. Mark has a background in restaurant and kitchen management, and was a manager at the Keene Applebee’s for eight years. Mark oversees the church’s physical property, the financial aspects of the church, office administration, website and scheduling as well as supervising staff and volunteers.

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