Worship Survey Results 2016

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Worship Survey Results: 2016
The UCC Keene Diaconate is working to enhance the worship life of the congregation and is reaching out to the community to assess how well our worship services are meeting the needs of everyone in the church.  In May, we sent out a questionnaire using Survey Monkey to get the congregation’s input.
One hundred (100) persons responded to the survey.  Of these 92% identified themselves as members of the United Church of Christ – Keene.  Most respondents (51%) answered that they have been involved with UCC Keene for more than 20 years, 17% for 11–20 years,  10% for 6-10 years, and another 20% for 1–5 years.  46% of these respondents said that they attend church every week, 22%: 2–3 times a month, and 20%: 1–2 times a month.    20% of respondents answered that their family includes children under 18 years-of-age. The number of respondents varied slightly for each question and is reported with the results.
As you read these results, think about what worship means to you and what you want the church to consider when developing worship services.  How might our worship experience better serve the future we want for our church?  In what ways might additional services strengthen your faith and our church family?
The survey questions asked how often and when to offer additional services, what to include in this experience, and in what ways respondents may be willing to help.  This summary includes only quantitative information. Copies of respondents’ comments for each question and for topics not covered by the survey will be provided upon request.
• 35% of respondents felt an additional service should be added once a week, 22% – twice a month, 21% – once a month, and 11% – only during special seasons.  10 respondents wrote in more specific answers.   (91 respondents)
• Of the 20 respondents whose families include children under the age of 18, 80% answered that they and their children were likely or very likely to consider attending  an additional service.
• Most respondents wanted to see additional services include worship (60%), a variety of music (59%) and prayer (56%).  Most wanted worship led by the minister (57%; by lay leaders –25%; by youth -18%).  Contemplative time (40%), communion (37%), and multigenerational aspects (36%) were the next highest responses.  (87 respondents)

• 49% of respondents would be most likely to attend an additional service scheduled early Sunday morning; 44% –  on a week night, especially Wednesday; 25% – Sunday evening; 7% – Saturday afternoon, and 6% Sunday afternoon.  (81 respondents)

• 32 respondents offered a variety of ways that they would be willing to contribute to an additional service:  singing, music, reading, prayers, greeting, developing a service, setting up, serving coffee, participating in group music, poetry, clean-up, cooking, whatever is needed!

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