Circle of Caring
This congregational ministry is creating and strengthening caring connections within this community and providing a secure network of care for everyone in our church family. The Circle of Caring is designed to supplement individual and family support systems during times of challenge by offering acts of care such as sending a card, providing a meal or treat, giving rides as needed, making a visit, and doing handy chores. Since the responsibility for caring is shared by everyone in the congregation, the burden is light and the tapestry of communal ties among us is greatly enriched.
A Pledge of Care: During Lent, everyone in our church family is asked to make a pledge of care. Pledges are for individuals, not families, and may be changed at any time. A pledge communicates what act(s) of care you are willing to offer to members of your church family, and how often (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually).
Act of Care Options: Send a card, provide a meal or comforting treat, make a visit, do handy chores in someone’s home, provide a ride.
Stephen Ministry is a confidential, one-to-one Christian caring ministry for individuals in need of support. Stephen Ministers are trained lay members of our congregation, who are equipped to bring Christ’s healing love to people experiencing a crisis or stressful situation in their lives. People experiencing divorce, grief, illness, loss of job, relocation, empty nest, retirement, hospitalization, loneliness, or similar challenge may seek the support of one of our Stephen Ministers.
Those receiving care from Stephen Ministers benefit because they receive care and support throughout the crisis they face. Our Stephen Ministers benefit from the spiritual growth they experience by being involved in a meaningful ministry. Our pastors benefit because our church’s caring ministry is expanded because of our Stephen Ministers. If you or someone you know might benefit from having a Stephen Minister, please contact our Senior Minister, or one of our Stephen Leaders.
Stephen Ministry at UCC-Keene is part of Stephen Ministries International, a not-for-profit Christian educational organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information, go
Our UCC-Keene Stephen Ministry Team
Stephen Leaders: Betty Christiansen, Jeff Hixson
Stephen Ministers: Dianne Patenaude, Dee Robbins, Ella Rank, Dominick Tralli, Marcia Winters
Prayer Ministry
The Prayer Ministry encircles with loving prayer all those who need God’s healing, direction and protection. Members pray for the sick and the grieving, the aging and the dying, the depressed and the challenged. They pray for our leaders in the church, in our government and in the world. They pray for those they hold close to their hearts and for those they may never meet.
Confidential prayer lists are compiled and distributed monthly to the Ministry members. Updates are communicated regularly by email and telephone to provide prompt prayerful support and to accommodate urgent requests.
If you would like to make a simple prayer request please Call the Church Office.
If you would like to address your prayer request in depth, please call one of the ministers who can offer you the pastoral support you need around this challenge at (603)352-4136.
If you feel called to this ministry and would like to learn more about it, please contact The Church Office at (603)352-4136. We welcome your prayerful participation.