Please note, there is no nursery care or church school during the Church’s Coronavirus closing.


We are a child-friendly church! Children of all ages are always welcome to stay in worship with their adults!

NURSERY CARE (Ages 6 months – 4 or 5)

Care for children from birth to age 4 is available for all Sundays in the Nursery.  The Nursery is located in the renovated first floor behind the Chapel and next to the Church School Room.  The Nursery is a bright, cheerful, nurturing environment to keep your child busy while you worship.  There will be a short program on most Sundays including reading a story and a song or two.  If you are new to UCC Keene, please see one of the Deacons at either the front or rear entrance for help in locating the Nursery.

The Nursery is staffed each week with paid volunteers. Registration is required when a child is dropped off. Safety is our number one priority. Should a problem arise, parents/guardians will be texted during the service.  Nursery children are picked up by their parents immediately after the service, although extended care will be provided during congregational meetings.



Church School is offered for all children in grades Kindergarten through 5 on Sundays in our newly renovated first floor space. Our unique approach to Christian Education involves over 30 members of the congregation serving as volunteer teachers! Called “Living the Promise,” each month features a special theme and a wide range of fun, hands-on activities. Activities can range from cooking to music to crafts to inventing to more as the volunteers lead the children in their understanding of Jesus and the Christian way of life.

As always, the safety of our children is our top priority. Teachers are all background-checked, teach in pairs, and adhere to the Church’s written “Safe Spaces” policies.

On most Sundays, children start in the sanctuary seated with their adults.  Within the first 15 minutes, the pastor will invite the children up to the front for a Children’s Story.  Following the story, the children go to Church School accompanied by their teachers for the day.

On some occasions, there will be an “Intergenerational Sunday.” On these Sundays, the Nursery is open but there is no Church School.  Rather, the church service is designed to be of interest to children as well as adults.  On Intergenerational Sundays, children and youth are encouraged to participate in the service by handling out bulletins, lighting candles, helping to collect the offering, and reading Scripture.

Regardless of the church school schedule, please be assured that your child is always welcome in either the church school or the church service.  If your child is over 4 but would prefer to stay in the nursery during Intergenerational Sundays, he or she may be cared for by the nursery staff.




In addition to Sunday programs, the Church School offers other activities which vary from year to year.  These may include:

Gathering Sunday in September includes an outside barbecue/picnic with live music.


Live Nativity: Live animals and a stable reenactment in our park make for a fun way to experience the first Christmas for children and adults alike!


Christmas Pageant:  This traditional reenactment of the Christmas Story during worship includes carol singing and a birthday cake for Jesus during Coffee Hour!

Family Christmas Service: Held at 5:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, this service is perfect for families with younger children.


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner:  Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins, and eating pancakes was a traditional English way to use up eggs and butter which were not allowed during Lent.


Easter Egg Hunt: This annual event is hosted by our Church School committee for all the children following worship on Easter Sunday


Blessing of the Animals: This annual event takes place during worship outside in our park. Pets of all kinds and sizes are brought in for blessings from the Senior Minister.