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The Church at the Head of the Square

The ''Church at the Head of the Square'' is how most people describe The United Church of Christ in Keene. Indeed, we’ve occupied a prominent place in the Community since our founding in 1738. We are a proud member of The United Church of Christ, a progressive Protestant denomination in the New England Congregational tradition known for its openness, inclusivity, and commitment to peace and justice.
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All are Welcome Here!

We welcome diversity, opening our hearts, minds, and doors to members and non-members, baptized Christians and those simply seek to know the love of Christ. We embrace persons of all faith traditions, race, ethnicity, physical ability, socio-economic circumstance, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

What We Believe

From the beginning, freedom of thought has been a core value in The United Church of Christ. In this spirit, we do not presume or require members to embrace specific Christian creeds or beliefs. Our members come from many faith backgrounds, including no church experience at all. We know faith is a journey, that each of us travels a unique spiritual path. What we share is a sincere commitment to study and practice the teachings of Jesus Christ, worship regularly, serve others, respect all, and keep our hearts open to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
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Bible Led Not Driven
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Bible Led, Not Driven

We view the Bible as the inspired story of God’s presence in the world, revelatory of deep and timeless truths, yet relevant to the issues and challenges of our day. As we say in the UCC, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma: God is still speaking!” In this spirit, we take the Bible seriously, not literally; we approach scripture with reverence, not rigidity; we appreciate the church’s role as a living witness of Christ’s love; and we respect the integrity of all faith traditions.

Why Church?

Everyone has different reasons for attending church. Perhaps a life event has left you shaken, wondering if God and faith might help; maybe you became disillusioned with religion long ago, but find something missing in your life; perhaps you’ve relocated to the area and are simply looking for a new church home; maybe you’re eager for new friendships; or perhaps you are hoping to find a church that is truly open to all. Be assured, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!
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''The historic Church at the head of the square, with its white steeple reaching into the sky, has become what people visualize when they think of Keene. The city surrounding this church would be unrecognizable to the men and women who lived here 150 years ago, but they would recognize this building immediately.''
Alan RumrillDirector, Historical Society of Cheshire County
''All the kind and loving people reaching out to one another, combined with the truly beautiful church music, touch my heart and soul each and every Sunday. I am always so grateful to be a part of this Church family. It means so very much to me.''
''My previous church was a large, diverse, and active congregation with several pastors, varied programs, and a variety of music choices during multiple services. Now, I’ve found a similar community at UCC-Keene and a good way to move on with retirement.''

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey,

you are welcome here!

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