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“Hold Fast to What is Good . . .” Romans 12:9

In the nautical world, the term “hold fast” has its origins in the Dutch phrase houd vast which means “hold tight.” Hold fast means to bear down and fight through a storm. Sailors know that when on deck, they must dedicate one hand for the ship and the other for themselves and others. In other words, to help your crew, you must make sure you, your shipmates, and your vessel are all secure.

The apostle Paul certainly knew about stormy seas, and after the challenges of the past few years, so do we. Yet we have held fast, stayed the course, tending both the Ship of Christ and ourselves through very difficult times.

The United Church of Christ in Keene is a worthy vessel of God’s love. Week by week she carries us forward on our journey of faith. Since 1738, we have been more than “The Church at the Head of the Square.” We have remained a pillar of our community and a beacon of hope for our members and friends.

There are three reasons we especially love this year’s theme from Paul’s letter to the Romans:

  • It reminds us we are invited to hold fast to what is good, joining with fellow Christians in the wider United Church of Christ who define “good” as that which is just, loving, and welcoming of all.
  • It reminds us we are called to hold fast to what is good, serving God and our neighbors through mission, outreach, and advocacy; music; worship and study; and our various youth and teen programs.
  • It reminds us we are challenged to hold fast to what is good, meeting the divisiveness and rancor of our times with vigor, commitment, and passion.

Your annual Estimate of Giving is what literally keeps our ship afloat, defining who we are, what we do, and the ministries we are able to pursue. Rarely have we had such a sense of excitement and possibility as our membership grows and our impact expands.

My friends, with one hand firmly on the rigging, and the other ready to help others, let us live into Paul’s admonition to hold fast to what is good at The UCC in Keene. Thank you so much for your support!

There are three ways to submit your Estimate of Giving/Annual Pledge for 2023-2024:

Remember, this commitment does not begin until July 1, 2023, and can be changed at any time!

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