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The best story is the one we write together.
We are all pencils in the hand of God.

Dear Members and Friends,

A Native American proverb says, “It takes 1,000 voices to tell a single story.” The people in your life — your ancestors, family, and friends — add voices to your story in ways that bring it color, laughter, and tears. What is our church’s story? What voices have shaped us over the past 285 years? At the end of the day, what has this Church meant in your life story? What chapters of our future will you be a part of?

As our annual Stewardship campaign begins, please consider these questions, then prayerfully determine a weekly or monthly financial pledge in support of our church’s Basic Operating Budget (“BOB”) for 2024-25.

Our unique “BOB” budgeting approach funds only the fundamentals: the staff, heat, lights, insurance, and the most basic committee costs. Church programs and projects are spirit-led and self-funded as they bubble up from sponsoring groups throughout the year. “BOB” inspires both cost control and creativity. We are constantly a story being written!

  1. Please pledge at least as much as last year. Yes, uncertainty abounds, but hundreds of families over the past 285 years have endured far more and still supported The United Church of Christ.
  2. If you can increase your pledge in 2024-25, please consider doing so. Some of the most robust giving occurs during difficult financial times as we focus on the things that truly matter to us and our community. Our careful stewardship of your funds certainly warrants your trust and generosity.
  3. If you are currently inactive in the church, or are active but not pledging, please consider doing so. Part of the covenant of membership is a willingness to financially support the work of the church. Many givers use one day’s pay as a monthly pledge guideline. Be it $1 or $100 per week, 100% participation is the goal. It is essential to the health and vitality of our congregation. Remember, at UCC Keene, everyone really does matter!

There is no doubt, The United Church of Christ is a special place. Here, no hug is unappreciated, no tear goes unnoticed, no act of generosity is taken for granted, and no personal need is unimportant. We are truly a community of care, writing together our best story, a thick volume of hope in the midst of challenge. “We are all pencils in the hand of God,” says Mother Teresa. Please know how grateful we are for each act of love and justice you inscribe upon the heart and soul of this church.

Our Story to Date

23 operating expenses
24 budget

There are three ways to submit your Estimate of Giving/Annual Pledge:

Remember, this commitment does not begin until July 1, 2024, and can be changed at any time!

The Best Story is the One We Write Together,
Blessings from the Stewardship Team

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