Why worship?

In an age of rampant busyness, why spend an hour sitting in a pew on Sunday mornings (or worse, asking your children to do so)? From day one, God sets aside a day of rest. This sabbath time allows us to pause, learn, pray, sing, and celebrate a different rhythm of life. Most of all, weekly worship is a time for renewal, reconnection, and reflection.

Sunday Worship 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

We know our large and historic sanctuary can sometimes feel overwhelming. Please know we will greet you warmly yet give you space and time to experience the church in your own way.

Each service includes a time for children, after which students (K-5) may attend church school. Nursery care is available for babies and toddlers from 9:00 – 11:00 am (10:00 – 11:00 am in summer) in our first-floor nursery. A time for coffee and fellowship is hosted each Sunday after worship in our dining room.

  • Free Parking in the Church Lot (Vernon Street) and Downtown (Sundays)
  • Though traditional in style, our service includes fabulous bell and choir music, and member participation.
  • Dress is casual.
  • A short (12-15 minute) sermon is preached weekly.
  • A free-will offering is also collected during worship as you are able.
  • We celebrate the Sacrament of Communion the first Sunday of each month with bread (including gluten-free options) and grape juice. Ours is an open table. All are welcome!
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Special Worship

Special worship services abound in main sanctuary and intimate chapel. Smaller, contemplative services are offered on Ash Wednesday and during Advent. Choir productions, concerts, guest preachers, and themed Sundays offer more variety and a contemporary flair. In spring, we move outside to our park to Bless our Animals. At sunrise on Easter morning, we gather at the gazebo on Central Square. Children and youth are always a special focus in all we do, especially on Children’s Sunday in June. While we respect reverence, we fully believe worship should be be fun!


In the Protestant tradition, there are two and only two sacraments acknowledged as rooted in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ: the first is holy communion, and the second is baptism. As in Jesus’ time, baptism signifies a “rite of commitment,” one in which we receive the free gift of God’s grace and unite with others throughout the world and across time who confess Jesus as their guide and savior. Through baptism, we commend ourselves, or a child, into a life of discipleship in Christ. It is in this spirit that vows are made, and promises given. In our tradition, we sprinkle water on the person’s (baby’s) head. Please know we joyfully welcome you on this journey. For more information, please contact our Senior Minister.
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Weddings at our Historic Church

We are so happy you want to be married in our Church! We hope the following information will be helpful to you as you plan your special day. It is offered as a guide so your wedding may be as sacred and meaningful as possible.
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Celebrations of Life

When death comes, one’s religious heritage assumes a special sense of significance. It is during these times many of us reaffirm our faith, finding comfort in the church and the community of care it embodies. In addition to providing pastoral care and support, the pastor will work with the family to develop a funeral/memorial/burial service that expresses its values and desires.
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Celebrations of Life
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Guideline for End-of-Life Planning

Getting your affairs in order is a wise idea for you and an important gift for your loved ones. The Stewardship Team at UCC-Keene offer this guideline for End-of-Life Planning to begin this process, no matter your circumstances. While each person is unique, some basic steps apply to all. End-of-Life Planning is an act of love and an act of responsibility

As you read through this guideline for End-of-Life Planning, you may already have items on the checklist. You’ll find tips and steps to organize your personal, financial, and medical information. There will be in-person presentations at UCC-Keene in coming months to discuss this process, if that will help you. UCC-Keene is caring for you from cradle to grave.

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''Pearl and my other hens were much too busy for a trip to Church for the “Blessing of the Animals” service this year. But, eager to have my little flock benefited by a blessing, I brought a substitute—a photo portrait of Pearl. We—my little flock and I—surely all felt the gratitude for creation as Pastor Cindy's kind and healing words blessed our journey together.''
''I feel this Church has brought me closer to God and given me a much better understanding of the three parts of God— Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit. My faith has become stronger because I feel comfortable in a community that supports my personal faith journey.''
''I believe there is a God—otherwise, there is no explanation for all the wonders of this world and the universe. I’m glad there was a Jesus—another force for good—and I’m proud to be a Christian. I believe we are all children of God.''

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey,

you are welcome here!

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